Banking Details GV & SV Cockburn bsb 633000-acc132170382

A $500 deposit will be required within 7 days of making your booking. The balance of hire monies must be paid 14 days prior to departure. A bond payment of $500 cash or credit card only will also be required on the day of arrival.

The balance of the bond less fuel charges will be returned within 7 days of the last day of hire, providing the boat is returned on time and in good order at the end of the hire. Any damage to the boat and equipment or extra cleaning will be charged at the rate of the repair bill or cleaning costs.

Departure & Return Times
  • Commencement of hire 2:00pm
  • Hire terminates at 9:30 am sharp on the last day.
  • Late returns will incur a penalty against your bond money.

The deposit shall be returned less a $50 booking fee, providing we are given at least 30 days notice. Otherwise the refund will depend on the boat being re-let for the same period.Should your booking be affected by COVID-19 restrictions then all moneys will be refunded 100%


The letting is made on the understanding that the houseboat is to be placed at the disposal of the hirer at the time and date specified.

In the event that we are unable to do so due to equipment failure or circumstances beyond our control all monies shall be refunded in full. However the hirer shall have no claim on any account against us

Houseboat Boundaries

The houseboats must at all times remain in areas between the John Bull marker and Gipsy Point landing.

It is recommended that you study your map carefully and keep a close eye on water depth. You should not attempt to navigate your houseboat in waters less than a metre in depth, as your houseboat may become stuck on the ground resulting in the need to be towed back into deep water. A towing fee will be incurred.

No pets firearms spear guns or generators allowed at anytime
No tuna oil to be used on houseboats
Do Not
  • Jump off the roof of the houseboat at any time, even if the boat is stationary.
  • Enter the water at any time whilst the boat is underway or the motor is in operation.
You must not:
  • Exceed the number of passengers that the boat is licensed to carry at anytime.
  • Light any fires on the shore, unless it is in one of the fire places provided and there is no total fire ban in place on that day. Chainsaws are not permitted for cutting firewood.

You do not require a boat license but anybody who drives the houseboat must be over the age of 18 and the holder of a current driver’s license.

You must not drink and drive at anytime

Boats may be driven during during daylight hours only and all boats must be securely moored at a jetty from dusk to dawn.

Repairs and Alterations

No repairs and alterations what so ever are to be carried out on the houseboat or equipment with the owners instruction, unless they are made in circumstances were immediate safety is at risk.

This Agreement

The person signing this agreement must be at least 21 years of age and hold a current drivers license. The person signing this agreement shall be responsible for making sure that all the conditions on this hire agreement are met, including the cost of any damage or penalties incurred.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement or if you are caught behaving in a manor that endangers you or anybody else on the waterway could result in the termination of your hire on the spot without a refund including your bond.

We make every effort to ensure that your houseboat holiday is a great one. In return we ask that you do your best to look after your houseboat and equipment and respect the rights of others using the waterway, jetties, picnic and BBQ areas.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles may be left in the parking area where the houseboats depart, however if you choose to leave your vehicle it is done so at your own risk.